A purveyor of fairy tales and a creator of “monsters,” Guillermo del Toro is one of the most creative and inventive directors working right now. A big fan of fairy tales (he considers every movie he makes one), his movies all feel like larger than life children’s stories, complete with fantastical effects, using both impressive CGI and makeup. While he started out early in the ‘90s with efforts like Mimic and Chronos, he first made a big splash with Pan’s Labyrinth, a dark fairy tale about a girl dealing with supernatural forces during the Spanish Civil War.

From there, del Toro has done other, more flashier work, including Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak, but all with his sense of maximalist fun. Guillermo del Toro has been doing steadily great work for two decades, deservedly capped with his Best Director and Best Picture win last year at the Oscars for The Shape of Water.