Let’s keep it a buck: The future of the film industry is one of the most confusing discussions to have. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping a large swath of theaters shut down, it’s hard to imagine a time where we’ll be able to enter a cinema to take in a blockbuster any time soon. WarnerMedia is leveraging HBO Max to at least keep their movies to schedule, although if you’re not subscribed to the service, or miss the 30-day window, there’s no real word on when you can catch some of 2021’s biggest movies. And that’s just looking at the films Warner Bros. is set to release this year!

All of that said, we have to stay the course. We may still be staying inside, hoping for a day where we can comfortably go outside and reclaim the joys of life that we’ve missed for the majority of 2020, but we will be able to take in some solid entertainment while doing it. And if you think about it for a second, 2021 does have some solid releases set to drop. Cult classic comedies and horror franchises are making their returns this year, with some of your favorites—Zendaya, Ben Affleck, Tom Holland, Margot Robbie, and more—set to bring movie lovers some of the finest entertainment Hollywood has to offer. James Bond, the Fast franchise, and James Gunn making DC movies could help make 2021 brighter… or they can at least help us escape what’s started out as a truly trying year. Let’s lead with optimism! Here’s a look at the most anticipated movies of 2021.