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On July 3, Disney+ will debut a live stage video recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway play Hamilton: An American Musical

This is both unprecedented and cool. Broadway musicals are rarely available in such a public format; if you don't see it on Broadway during its run, the best you can do is buy and listen to the soundtrack. On rare occasions, years later, a film studio might greenlight a movie adaptation starring Hollywood actors. These performers may have the right look, but they rarely have the voice to do the musical justice. And sometimes, decades later--after the exclusivity rights expire--you might see an amateur theater troupe perform it at the local high school.

By contrast, Hamilton on Disney+ is the original musical with the original performers. What is it about? What makes it special and different from other Broadway musicals? And how did it get this much hype? Here is everything you need to know about Hamilton, which debuts on Disney+ on July 3.