Even though HBO’s Lovecraft Country got a little high on its own supply towards its first—and only season—there was an understanding amongst fans and critics there’d be a sophomore season. HBO thought differently, canceling the series just a few weeks ago. 

Turns out creator Misha Green may have gotten the last laugh, as the show received 18 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Drama Series with acting nods for Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett. Major and Smollett’s chemistry and performance helped to ground and propelled the show even as it veered slightly off the tracks in the back half of its season. 

With Green signed to Apple TV+, it feels like any shot at a follow-up is officially dead and dusted. It’s an especially bittersweet ending, given the show’s status as an important vehicle for Black creatives and Green’s bonkers idea for Season 2. HBO’s decision to pull the plug felt sudden at the time, but now with the awards love, the decision feels decidedly short-sided in hindsight. —William Goodman