We all know Dave Chappelle is the king of telling hilarious and captivating stories, but it looks like Danny Brown is challenging a tale the comedian told on Big Sean’s Detroit 2 album.

While speaking with HotNewHipHop, the Detroit rapper said that the story Chappelle told about Brown getting high with him before his set in the Motor City on “Story By Dave Chappelle” wasn’t entirely how it went down, from his recollection.

“It was funny, but I ain’t like that shit, man,” the 40-year-old rapper said in the interview. “Because that ain’t the true story [laughs]. I’ll tell my side in my stand-up set.”

According to Chappelle, he was getting ready to perform in Detroit, a city that he said is particularly challenging to perform in as a comedian because the crowd is always involved, when Brown appeared backstage and the two smoked together. Chappelle said that the marijuana was surprisingly strong, and when he went on stage, he bombed and saw Brown sneak out the back door in the middle of it, which made Chappelle laugh.

Afterward, the comedian says there was an older gentleman backstage with him who he had just met that gave him a pep talk, and by some wild coincidence, that old man turned out to be Big Sean’s father.

Chappelle has yet to confirm or deny Brown’s claims, so we’ll just have to wait to hear the rapper’s stand up to get more details.