When Burt Pugach met pretty-young-thing Linda Riss in the park, he immeditately fell into deep love. And, luckily for him, she felt the same way. But when she discovered he was married, she quickly kicked him to the curb, and found herself a new man.

Rather than moving on, Burt decided to the next best thing: become her stalker.  And stalk he did, obsessively contacting and threatening her for over two years. But when he found out she was engaged to marry another man, he took it a step further—a very large step. He hired someone to someone to attack her. The hired help also took it a step further, knocking on Riss' door the day of her engagement party and splashing lye on her face, which left her blinded and disfigured.

Pugach was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but, get this: He never got over Riss. He continued to stalk her, sending her money and even proposing. And here's where the super-crazy comes into play. When he was released from prison, she actually accepted his proposal, and they married shortly after. Fuck if we know why.