Love is a many splendored thing, until it's which case it just plain sucks. Whether we fall out of love, experience unrequited love, or lose the love of our life, heartbreak is a pretty universal feeling for most people. I personally love a little heartache.

Not necessarily when I'm really in the midst of it, and definitely not before I've moved on, but I do believe that there's something to be said for what a little heart-wrenching despair can do for the creative mind. I'm not alone in this sentiment. Whether reeling from the discovery of an unfaithful husband, like Frida Kahlo, or capturing the death of a beloved wife on canvas, like Claude Monet, many artists have experienced their greatest strokes of genius after love has been lost.

Alone for Valentine's Day this year? This just might be your chance to make something great out of it all. In the meantime, get inspired and check out these 25 Incredible Artworks Inspired by Heartbreak.