We're back in Albuquerque.

Beginning this Friday on Netflix, viewers will be plunged back into the sun-soaked, crime-streaked, blue-meth ridden world of Breaking Bad with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the unprecedented but highly welcome feature-length story that picks up where the series finale "Felina" left off. Namely, what happened to Jesse? Time will tell if Camino validates answering that question or if creator Vince Gilligan (who wrote and directed the movie) should've left that loose thread dangling as is.

But Camino's impending release—along with the promise to feature something like 10 familiar faces from the series—has us driving down memory lane. Good God was Breaking Bad a fantastic series. So many episodes, sequences, and shit, just shots—from a show that was just as groundbreaking visually as it was narratively, boasting a director slate including Michelle MacLaren and Rian Johnson—are seared in our brains forever, and the advent of Jesse Pinkman's return has them rushing back to the forefront. So let's dive all the way in, shall we? Before we get into the new story, let's look back on the old. Breaking Bad ran for five seasons, with 62 episodes. Here are the top 15. Binge rewatch incoming.