Lindsay Lohan Shares How Steph and Ayesha Curry Became Her Son’s Godparents

Lohan and Curry are co-starring in the upcoming Netflix film 'Irish Wish.'

Ayesha Curry and Lindsay Lohan in elegant dresses posing together at an event
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images for Netflix
Ayesha Curry and Lindsay Lohan in elegant dresses posing together at an event

We finally know how Lindsay Lohan got Steph and Ayesha Curry to be her son Laui’s godparents.

Last month, Lohan, 37, and her husband Bader Shammas attended the Golden State Warriors game against the Atlanta Hawks. At the end of the game, the couple posed for a photo with Steph Curry, 35, and held a signed jersey that read, "To Laui, your godparents love you! Warriors!!"

This week, Lindsay and Ayesha, 34, have been busy promoting their upcoming Netflix film, Irish Wish. Of course, the question that is on everyone’s mind during the promo trail has been how the two became acquainted and how Ayesha got on board for godparent duties for Lohan’s son. 

During Lohan’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, she revealed that her husband’s friend, chef Michael Mina, kept insisting that he introduce Lindsay to Ayesha.

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“She happened to be coming to Dubai and we met, and we just clicked right off the bat,” Lohan told Fallon.

While filming Irish Wish in 2022, Lohan said she confided in Ayesha about her desire to start a family.

“When I was filming, I kept talking to Ayesha like, ‘I really wanna have kids soon,’ and we had a special kind of ritual we did, and then I got pregnant. It was very fitting,” said Lohan to Access Hollywood

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Elsewhere in the Access Hollywood interview, Ayesha, who announced on Friday that she is expecting her fourth child, gushed about her excitement to bring another Curry into the mix.

“We’re so excited, we literally can’t wait. This feels like ‘completion’ to us and we’re just excited to welcome our last little family member,” said Ayesha. “My other three are older, so it’s just like a totally new experience getting to see it through their eyes and perspective.”

As for the possibility of having Lohan be the baby’s godmother, Ayesha told SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live that she won’t be making any decisions until the baby arrives.

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“Well, for us, so we typically wait until after the baby is born to make these decisions,” said Ayesha.

Ayesha and Steph Curry are parents to Riley, 11, Ryan, eight, Canon, five, per People. Lohan and Bader Shammas welcomed their first child, Luai, last July.

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