Welp, so much for optimism. When news broke of Sony and Marvel Studios/Disney’s tenuous agreement to co-parent Spider-Man ending in irreconcilable differences, there was a sliver of hope that one of the parties leaked the story so that the outrage would inevitably force negotiations to resume towards a solution that would satiate the fans. Err, not so fast, says Sony chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra. If this is a long con, then they’re playing the long game because right now, no one’s budging. And that means we’re going to have to start facing the prospect of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man no longer having the MCU web to fall back on as a reality. It sucks but dwelling won’t get us anywhere—if that’s your wave, go sign a petition.

Instead, if the next two or more Spider-Man movies are set to be Sony-only, let’s explore the positives of what that could mean and the potential stories and arcs it could yield. Then we’ll ugh, go rewatch Civil War and Far From Home a couple times and cry together.