The Walt Disney Company has officially joined the efforts to help reconstruct the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

In a statement, the conglomerate revealed it will donate $5 million to help rebuild the church after April 15's fire severely damaged the building.

Bob Iger, the current CEO of the company, echoed the same sentiment in regard to the cultural landmark. "Notre-Dame is a beacon of faith, hope & beauty, inspiring awe and reverence," he said. "The Walt Disney Company stands with our friends & neighbors in Paris, with heartfelt support and a $5 million donation for the restoration of this masterpiece."

This comes after it was announced Tuesday that several companies, such as Apple, LVMH, and Kering announced their plans to donate to the cause. The Associated Press has reported that over $1 billion has been raised for the restoration of the cathedral, with financial support coming from "ordinary worshippers and high-power magnates around the world."

In the aftermath of the fire, 19th century author Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre-Dame shot up to the top of France's best-selling book list, as reported by The Guardian. The novel inspired the beloved 1996 animated Disney film of the same name. Surely, Quasimodo would be proud of the company's contributions.