Scary laughter! Weird plastic props! Lurking shadowy figures! No, this doesn't describe some guy's night out at the local sex dungeon, but it does help paint a picture of couple Bob (Barry Nelson) and Millie's (Nancy Malone) rough morning after raging a little too hard. The two rise and shine to find themselves in the middle of a completely abandoned, unfamiliar town where everything is fake, from the food to the greenery, their last shared memory of being wasted together in the car.

Attempts to catch a train away from this surreal world are thwarted when they discover it only delivers them right back to where they came from; echoes of sinister giggles provide the soundtrack. The culprit? Their menacing new, giant little girl owner, who can't stop playing with her earthling "pets." Drunk drivers, let this serve as a cautionary tale.