Don't be fooled by tear-jerking interplanetary friendship flicks like E.T. or Mac and Me—aliens were never meant to be trusted. Unfortunately, cryptographer Michael Chambers (Lloyd Bochner) had to learn that lesson the hard way. In one of the series' most well-known (and parodied) episodes, a race of aliens arrive on Earth and butter up its residents with rhetoric about their desires to cater to them. Sound too good to be true? Your instincts are spot-on.

As further proof of their goodwill, the Kanamits extend an invite to their paradise of a home planet and leave a book behind at the UN, which after decoding, is revealed to be titled "To Serve Man." With suspicions assuaged and hopes of a better life, Chambers makes his way onto a departing spaceship. Too late does he learn that "To Serve Man" has, shall we say, dual meanings.