Season: 2
Network: Netflix
Premiere Date: TBD
Starring: Aziz Ansari, Lena Waithe, Eric Wareheim 

In 2015, Aziz Ansari changed the world's perception of him as just Tom Haverford, proving to everyone that his chops go wayyyy beyond hilarious performances. Ansari created, wrote (alongside Alan Yang), and starred in Netflix's Master of None, about a 30-something commercial actor living in New York. The first season perfectly encapsulated the very specific, worrisome feeling of aimlessness that creeps in once you hit 30. And while exploring just what it means to be an adult and fall in love, Master of None took sharp looks at racism, immigrant parents, and gender inequality. 

It's taken some time to get season two of Master of None because Ansari wanted to make sure it was just right before going forward. Rumored to hit Netflix in spring 2017, it's looking like we'll be seeing what comes of Dev's life in Italy (judging from Ansari's Instagram) after he decided to go to pasta-making school at the end of season one. Word is Ansari's IRL parents will reprise their roles as Dev's parents, and we're also hoping that Noël Wells comes back. Ansari came out of the gates with an exceptional first season—now expectations for the sophomore effort are sky high. —Kerensa Cadenas