Ever since the first season of Stranger Things exploded onto the scene on July, it’s been a solid assumption that the show would be renewed by Netflix. Even ignoring the fact that the streaming site is quick to give second seasons to the worst of their products (what up, Flaked), the way Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers, were talking about the future of their show seemed to hint that another season was definitely on the way. “I’m sure some of [that extra music] will make it into season two,” Ross Duffer said to me when we talked weeks ago, before carefully adding a clause to the statement: “If and when that happens.”

Well, it’s officially happening: Netflix announced today that a second season of Stranger Things will arrive in 2017. And thanks to the Duffer brothers’ confidence that they would get another season, much of the track for the next installment has already been laid; the end of season one left us with a whole lot of unanswered questions. So with the news of more Stranger Things finally, officially out there, here are the most important things we’re looking to get answers for when season two rolls around.