Season: 4
Network: Comedy Central
Premiere Date: Summer 2017
Starring: Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson

Broad City is switching things around this year: Rather than their usual January release, Abbi and Ilana, kweens of comedy, are coming in "hard and raw" in August. We left them in unusually shaky territory after the pair's first real fight in "Burning Bridges." Keeping with this emotional theme, the fourth season of the show will be the first shot in the winter. We're used to seeing Abbi and Ilana steal air conditioners because New York in the summer just gives off that no-pants-allowed kind of vibe, but the city's winter vibes are way darker. Additionally, since the show has been leaning more into longer narratives and story arcs, we can probably expect season four to follow suit. The two have built up enough clout that I trust this slightly new direction will bring with it lots of character development, in turn creating even more room for greatness. Ilana has also confirmed that Lincoln will return, so there's really nothing to worry about, except what to do until freakin' August. —Julia Pimentel