Network: Netflix
Starring: Maria Bamford, Fred Melamed, Mary Kay Place

I don’t exactly want to admit that the television character I related to most this year was Maria Bamford playing a vaguely fictionalized version of herself post-nervous breakdown, but I’m not going to deny it either. The Netflix sitcom centers on comedian Bamford as she moves back to Los Angeles from her small hometown in Minnesota after six months of recovery from bipolar disorder. The timeline bounces back and forth between Maria’s greyscale recovery, technicolor breakdown, and current, daylight-saturated Los Angeles existence, where she’s struggling to get her career back on track while making sure she cares for her mental health. I know: it sounds incredibly dark. But Bamford (along with showrunners Pam Brady and Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz) is deft at taking the depiction of mental health seriously while being incredibly funny. With cameos from Mark McGrath (yes, the guy from Sugar Ray), Sarah Silverman, and John Mulaney, Lady Dynamite is both manic and relatable. Plus, it introduced the best GIF for general use of the year. To be honest, writing this blurb just makes me want to rewatch it all over again. —Kerensa Cadenas