Following reports of her stepmother's alleged arrest in Florida, Lindsay Lohan seemingly responded with a plea for the general public to ignore "gossip." Kate Major Lohan was arrested by Delray Beach officers Saturday while intoxicated, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Kate Lohan, married to Lindsay's father Michael, was listed on the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office digital booking log as having been booked and released Sunday afternoon.

Lohan is accused of "kicking a police officer" during a "drunken tirade," police told the Sentinel. Authorities were called to the residence when Michael Lohan "refused" to let her inside the home due to her being "heavily intoxicated." At some point during the altercation, Lohan reportedly resumed a "fighting stance" and also threatened a responding officer with a bag of ice. Lohan was ultimately charged with disorderly intoxication and battery on law enforcement or first responder.

Though Lindsay Lohan didn't mention names, locations, or any actual details, she did hit Twitter with that aforementioned gossip warning Monday afternoon:

Both Kate Major Lohan and Michael Lohan have had prior run-ins with Florida authorities, including an alleged assault incident in December of last year. Michael was arrested at the time and accused of having "grabbed [Kate] and started choking her," the Sentinel reported. The two are currently said to be "estranged."


Last week, Page Six claimed to have the scoop on Lindsay Lohan’s plan to get energy drinks to refugees. Citing some alleged intel from an "insider," the Six team reported that Lohan has partnered with the Germany energy drink Mintanine. "This is all part of Lindsay's mission to help refugees," the insider said. The drink is also on the menu at Lohan's just-launched club in Athens, Greece.