If you find yourself in Greece and in need of a Lindsay Lohan-approved libation, here's a suggestion: Just pop on over to the Lohan nightclub in Athens. According to Page Six, Lohan is opening a new spot in Athens Saturday that will welcome both famous people and boring, normal pedestrians leading boring, normal lives.

"Lindsay and Dennis [Papageorgiou] are getting ready to welcome the Athenian enfant gâté, as well as Lindsay's Hollywood circle, at their new nightclub in downtown Athens," a representative for the Lohan nightclub told the Six team Thursday. This rep also said "famous guests from Hollywood" were definitely going to be dropping in for the grand opening, though exactly which guests and just how famous they are has not been revealed.

Papageorgiou is the owner of the nearby Rakkan restaurant and Lohan's "rumored boyfriend." Lohan was spotted by the Daily Mail with Papageorgiou at the restaurant last month, following her reportedly "extremely acrimonious" split from fiancé Egor Tarabasov. According to the Sun's sources, Lohan is quite fond of Papageorgiou. "Lindsay says they are very serious and she's been referring to him as the man who saved her from Egor," one source said. "It's a weird scenario to meet in but they're taking things seriously. Lindsay is hoping this is a start of a more healthy relationship."


Lohan has been rumored in recent months to be deep in the middle of putting together some sort of a "Hollywood comeback." Page Six, again with the alleged scoop, reported in August that Lohan had "set her sights" on getting back to her cinematic roots. In the meantime, who wants to meet up at Lohan in Athens? *checks Expedia* I'll be there in 30 hours.

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