Here's something we never thought we'd hear...ever. Apparently Sarah Palin is set to guest co-host the Today show. Seriously.

In a statement on network NBC's website, Palin's appearance on the morning talk show is promises to "reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." We can only hope this means a side that is well-spoken, well-read, and well-versed on current affairs...'cause the only other sides of her we've seen have been pretty much the opposite of that.

There's speculation that this decision comes after ABC's announcement that former Today anchor Katie Couric will be filling in for Robin Roberts as co-host of Good Morning America this week. Both morning shows have been seemingly perpetually caught in a ratings war, and while Today usually takes the lead, lately Good Morning America has been gaining popularity as of late. 

Today also announced that a "surprise" legend will be making a return to the show on Monday.

[via New York Post]