Tim Tebow has reportedly had enough of New York. According to multiple sources within the Jets organization, Tebow refused to run the Wildcat during yesterday's 27-17 loss to the Chargers after he was bypassed on the Jets depth chart by third-string QB Greg McElroy earlier in the week. Over the weekend, reports also emerged out of the Big Apple indicating that Tebow will not be back with the team next season. Instead, he'll either seek a trade to the Jaguars at some point during the offseason or ask to be released by the Jets so that he can sign with Jacksonville.

Of course, Tebow hasn't actually said any of these things himself…yet. But, he did offer up a typical Tim Tebow response when asked about the possibility of playing somewhere else in 2013 after the game yesterday. "We've just got to find a way to beat the Buffalo Bills next Sunday," he said.

Riiiiiiight. Because that's what Jets fans are worried about right now. S'long, Tebow. It sounds like you're as good as gone.

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[via ESPN New York]