One week ago, Lindsay Lohan was arrested after reportedly punching self-proclaimed psychic named Tiffany Mitchell over The Wanted's Max George. Usually, a situation like that would force a possible celebrity couple to lay low for a while, so the media coverage could die down. But Lindsay isn't any ordinary celebrity. Since the scuffle, the 26-year-old actress has been living that groupie life and become increasingly infatuated with the boy band member by going as far as following the group around and attending their Q102's Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia.

Last week, Lindsay also tried getting backstage at a Justin Bieber concert to see Max in person but was unsuccessful. The two did eventually met up at Avenue in New York, which is where the fight between her and Tiffany took place. 

Please, if you see Lindsay, throw some water on this girl because she's dying of dehydration.       

[via Radar Online]