Because you can't get enough of Jersey Shore on MTV, here come the spin-off series that you've been waiting for. Think about all the smush-tastic possibiities with these shows.

MTV announced today that Snooki, JWoww and DJ Pauly D would be getting spin-off shows in the next year. The Snooki/JWoww series will run for 12 episodes and "deal with life and love when the vacation is over." That the vacation never seems over for these two is irrelevant.

As for Pauly D, the new show will follow his life on the road as a DJ; because when Pauly D isn't working out, doing laundry, tanning or all three at once, he's working as a DJ.

Barring some major meltdowns, expect season four of Jersey Shore to hit Italy later this year, followed by these two series. Fist pumps for everyone!

[via Deadline]