2016, we're ready to say goodbye. In almost every way, you were a shit year, for reasons we're not going to get into. But you know what they are. Even some of our favorite musicians fell victim to your evil ways, either in death or what feels like inexplicable betrayal. Luckily, there were plenty of bright spots during these 365 pieces of shit.

This year, we decided to stick to one song per album, with the exception of "Pick Up The Phone," which appeared on multiple projects. We did this simply to spread the love and highlight the variety of talented artists and the diversity of good music in 2016, but it definitely caused some heated internal arguments.

We started this list halfway through the year, and almost everything has changed since then. And when we look back on this list in six more months, we'll probably want to revise it again. These days, that's just the way things go. Everything is in a constant state of change and discord, and you can either roll with it, pointlessly try to fight it, or get on Twitter and yell about how pissed off you are about it.

Here are the best songs of 2016. See you on Twitter.

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