The Pigeons & Planes Compilation Album Rollout Begins With Kenny Mason and Paris Texas Collab

"Big Bank," produced by Billy Lemos, is the first single from Pigeons & Planes' 'See You Next Year 2' compilation album, recorded at Rick Rubin's legendary Shangri-La studios.

Photo by Zhamak Fullad @zhamakthecat

We're finally able to unveil the first single from the new Pigeons & Planes compilation album, See You Next Year 2. What better way to kick things off than "Big Bank" by Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, and Billy Lemos—three of the most exciting artists in music right now.

We've been fans of Kenny, Paris Texas, and Billy since we first discovered each of them, so we were excited that they were open to getting involved with this project. To see the creativity, chemistry, and open-minded approach to collaboration firsthand during the SYNY 2 sessions at Shangri-La took our appreciation to a new level.

Listen to "Big Bank" below and on your preferred streaming service here.

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"Big Bank" is the first single, but we've got so much more in store when it comes to See You Next Year 2. The second edition of our compilation album series features Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, Monte Booker, King Isis, Binki, Billy Lemos, AG Club, ICECOLDBISHOP, Deb Never, skaiwater, Chase Plato, Love Spells, Hamond, and Junior Varsity.

This album was recorded in person at Rick Rubin's legendary Shangri-La studio complex in Malibu, CA over 8 days in June of 2023. We invited some of our favorite artists, as well as a host of talented producers and musicians, to join us in this creative paradise and it went better than we could have imagined. No idea was off limits and our schedule was thrown out of the window as artists connected, collaborated, and flowed freely between the three main studios and pop-up workstations on fold-out tables in bedrooms, living rooms, and even out on the lawn.

As we share more music, stories, photos, and videos from the recording camp, you'll see just how much collaboration is at the heart of SYNY 2, but today is all about "Big Bank."

See You Next Year 2 is Pigeons & Planes' second compilation album in partnership with Big.AssKids, distributed via Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide. In 2022, we launched the series with the first See You Next Year album, executive produced by Mike Dean and featuring new songs from Teezo Touchdown, Terry Presume, redveil, Fana Hues, EKKSTACY, Wallice, Dreamer Isioma, Brevin Kim, Ben Reilly, Baird, and Sash.

We always planned to make this an ongoing initiative where we can support and uplift emerging artists and present music discovery in a new and more tangible way, but the bar has been set incredibly high by our experience creating the first two See You Next Year albums.

Stay tuned for a more detailed introduction to this year's artist roster and the announcement of the next single. Be the first to get SYNY updates and hear new music by signing up here.

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