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Yo! MTV Raps is finally coming back.

The Paramount+ streaming service is launching on March 4 and with it comes the return of some iconic shows including Yo! MTV Raps and VH1’s Behind the MusicYo! MTV Raps originally hit the air 33 years ago with a pilot that was hosted by Run-DMC. During its 7 year run, the program helped break rap into the mainstream and served as the welcoming mat for now iconic acts like The Fugees

“MTV is bringing back its most storied hip-hop series and music franchise Yo! MTV Raps for Paramount+. The return of Yo! MTV Raps will include hosted segments, live performances, cyphers, lifestyle content and serve as a comprehensive deep dive into the current state of hip-hop,” MTV and Paramount’s parent company ViacomCBS said in a statement. “After its debut 33 years ago on August 6, 1988, Yo! MTV Raps became the premiere destination for all things hip-hop. The advent of the series was crucial to the rise of rap music worldwide, creating a global passion for the genre and greater hip hop culture, which has since become the most dominant force in mainstream music and pop culture worldwide.”

Along with Yo! MTV Raps, Paramount+ will be home to more revamped versions of other ViacomCBS series. As previously mentioned, VH1’s popular show, Behind the Music, will be featured on the platform. MTV will also revive Unplugged to compliment Yo! MTV Raps.