Producer: Big D, Makaveli, D, Lance Pierre and Justin Isham
Album: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
Label: Death Row/Interscope

"The question everyone wants to know is why did they get this ni**a started." Makaveli the Don defines his axis of evil and spits darts at any and everyone posing a threat to his rap domination. Ironically, it's not his strongest lyrical performance—Pac's barely controlled rage takes something away from his timing. But whatever he lacks in technique he more than makes up with passion: “Pleeease! Reconsider fo' you die.”

This intro track leaves no doubt about the continuation of Shakur's campaign to destroy not just Biggie and Puffy but any and everyone standing too close to them. He accuses Nas of biting him (see #18) and Mobb Deep of laughing at his getting shot on “Drop A Jewel on 'Em" (“You probably screamed louder than opera” sniggered Prodigy).

So it was a matter of principal for Pac to viciously respond. As dismissive as he is of Jay on this track (Pac was the first to hit Jay with the "Hawaiian Sophie" diss, which would be utilized often by various Jay foes), Pac seemed to sense the coming threat. Jay was coming for his throne.