I’m just gonna say it: I don’t have time for these lengthy ass albums. When I see a tracklist longer than 12 songs, I want to toss whatever device I’m looking at off the roof of the Complex office. I don’t need the reasoning explained to me, either; I understand how streaming works and how that contributes to album lengths. I just don’t care. Last month’s Drogas Wave was an hour and 38 minutes long. Wanna know how long Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, is? An hour and 35 minutes. That’s three minutes shorter, and you get to stare at Ryan Gosling the entire time. 

Quavo’s debut solo album, which dropped this week, is 19 songs long. 19! Conversely, Usher and Zaytoven’s collab album, A, is eight songs long, clocking in at just 27 minutes. Sure, none of those tracks made it onto our list this week, but at least they showed us that they respect our time. None of us should be looking to MAGA sycophant Kanye West for guidance anymore, but the best thing he’s done this year is give us a seven-track album; some of y’all really need to get on that wave, ‘cause I’m busy. 

These are the best new songs this week.  —Carolyn