If you haven’t heard, Bernie Sanders is running for president again, making him the ninth Democrat to put in a bid. At this point (or, I guess as of June 2015), the presidency is anyone’s game, which is extremely chill and normal. Since the pool is already so saturated, here are three musicians who should absolutely throw their hats in the ring:

  1. Cardi B: Do I really need to explain this? In addition to absolutely annihilating President Trump and his number one fan girl, Tammy Lozenge, Cardi comes from a working class background. And despite the fame and wealth she has accumulated, she’s never forgotten her roots. One time for the proletariat!

  2. Vince Staples: You may think you’ve had your fill of presidents who always say what’s on their mind, but Vince is working with more than two brain cells, so this trait manifests differently with him. Whether he’s giving a hot take on Disney World or advocating for 21 Savage, he always keeps it real, which is more than we can say for most politicians these days.

  3. Ariana Grande: Was that shit she pulled earlier this week with Piers Morgan cute? Absolutely not. However, when it comes to “reaching across the aisle,” it is white people’s responsibility to be on the frontlines, checking ourselves and our peers when they’re on some racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic BS. If nothing else, perhaps she can choke some of these dusty politicians out with her ponytail.

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