The year is winding down, but the music industry sure isn’t. Self-proclaimed political puppet Kanye West informed us this week that we actually won’t be getting Yandhi as we scarf down our umpteenth round of Thanksgiving leftovers. Personally, this comes as a relief, after this wild rollercoaster of a year in Kanyeland forced me to remember the existence of D*n*ld Tr*mp, Rick and Morty, and the state of Wyoming on a weekly basis; quite frankly, I’ve had enough. (Although let’s be real here, it’s Kanye—anything could happen.)

Elsewhere, we’ve got MC, Mimi, Mirage, Miss Mariah Carey gracing us with her return, just in time for the holidays (which, by the way, she invented), and the Creed II soundtrack getting us all fired up for these winter gym sessions. Catch me running through the streets of Bed-Stuy in a full sweatsuit, refusing to let myself, my dad, or Sylvester Stallone down. While I’ll definitely be naming all of this new shit next week when I get asked what I’m thankful for, these releases are really messing up my personal year-end lists, which I’ve been updating every hour as I revisit everything that dropped this year. C’est la vie.

These are the best new songs this week. —Carolyn Bernucca