Joyner Lucas has shared a new video for his Kanye West-centric song “Ye Not Crazy,” which sees the rapper defend Yeezy’s recent behavior amid his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

"How do you spell ‘crazy’? G-E-N-I-U-S," Lucas raps. "What you know about mental health when you live in hell and you out of meds?/What the fuck is a meltdown when my meltdown's on a private jet?"

The video features plenty of references to Ye’s more recent creations, including his Donda listening events and the “Closed on Sunday” video.

“Ye’s not crazy,” Joyner raps on the hook, later admitting he could be crazy himself. “Even if they try to cancel me, that ain’t gon’ faze me.” 

Joyner Lucas’ latest comes as Kanye has worried onlookers with his recent behavior, which has mostly manifested in Instagram posts targeting his critics and Pete Davidson, who is dating with Kim K. Judging from the lyrics on “Ye Not Crazy,” Lucas is firmly team Ye.

Last month, Lucas criticized Lollapalooza and Machine Gun Kelly in a series of tweets. “These festivals is gon’ stop playing with me like I ain’t that n***a,” he wrote. “Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random n***az that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass [bag].”

He called MGK a "goofy ass n***a," but later apologized after claiming his Twitter was hacked by Russians.