Honorable Mentions: 50 Cent “Wanksta,” Clipse “Grindin,” Cam'ron “Oh Boy!”

Eminem's biggest, career-defining hit is a soundtrack single that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks straight. And for all the bipartisan consternation that dogged Eminem's major label debut via “My Name Is” and the Slim Shady LP in 1999, “Lose Yourself” is a remarkably, universally empowering record; you could imagine Hillary Clinton, for instance, blasting it at the tour stops of her presidential campaign. “Lose Yourself” is invincible poprap from an artist who (at that point) was otherwise associated with a marginalized city and its grimy cyphers, and hip-hop's underground in general. The Clipse's “Gridin” was a fresh and enchanting beat, and “Oh Boy!” is catchy, for sure. But “Lose Yourself” was a motherfucking miracle. —JC