Label: Warner Records UK
Released: March 27

Dua Lipa’s empowering and intoxicating spirit is ever-present on Future Nostalgia. The album sounds like an essential pop playlist, packed with bold dance songs that are reminiscent of ’80s disco and funk music. She sometimes takes a break from the upbeat tempo on tracks like “Cool” and “Boys Will Be Boys,” but she never strays away for long. While Dua channels the bravado of the pop royalty that came before her, her unique tone and carefree attitude on records like “Don’t Start Now” and “Good In Bed” proves that she is in a category all on her own. Dua kicks off the album with a sassy response that likely addresses critics who have yet to place her sound. “I know you’re dying to figure me out,” she sings on the title track. While this may have been true at the beginning, any lingering confusion is kicked aside by the time the final song concludes. —Jessica McKinney

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