Label: Atlantic Records
Released: October 23

Ty Dolla Sign’s explanation for his new album title is rather simple. At first, he was going to title it Dream House, to neatly wrap up his Beach House series, but in the run up to its release, he had a revelation. Whenever a song features Ty Dolla Sign, he figured, people know it’s going to be a hit. So why not make an album full of songs that feature Ty Dolla Sign? It’s an interesting concept from one of rap’s strongest and most underrated crooners. People always seem to be talking about how brilliant Ty is, but still, the recognition is never enough. Throughout the album, Ty tries to establish his place within rap’s upper echelon, and he achieves this goal on track after track. Never mind that he gets guests like Kid Cudi, Post Malone, Kanye West, and more. Ty is a singular hit-maker and there’s a reason why so many artists go to him for features. His knack for hook-writing and aesthetics are top notch, and over the course of an album, these details can get lost in the fanfare, but Ty always puts his artistry front and center. —Will Schube