Label: Gamebread, LLC/Def Jam Recordings
Released: November 13

When scholars look back on 2 Chainz’s career hundreds of years from now, there’s bound to be a chapter on So Help Me God! So many of 2 Chainz’s albums have revolved around world-beating singles, and rightfully so, considering how impactful and club-ready they often are. But in the past few years, 2 Chainz has leaned more heavily on concepts to fuel his albums, and the results have been spectacular. Between Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, Rap or Go to the League, and SHMG!, I’d say our main man formerly known as Tity Boi has given us one of the best second acts in recent memory. On SHMG!, Chainz gives us some of his funniest lines to date, but there are also heartfelt bars about going to his daughter’s ballet recital. Because 2 Chainz didn’t truly break through to the mainstream until 2012, we’re just now witnessing when most rappers would enter their peak. At 43 years old, he’s more representative of an older generation, but his wide-eyed approach to the game is as fresh as it was when he first began. —Will Schube