Label: Columbia Records
Released: April 14

Album after album, John Mayer has tweaked and refined his approach while also implementing different genres—blues, Americana, etc.—to extend his sound. With The Search for Everything, he gets into his bag and hits fans with an amalgam of flavors, making it his most expansive project yet. There's the beautiful piano-laden ballad "Never on the Day You Leave" of the Born and Raised variety, the bluesy and superb “Moving on and Getting Over” (JM3/Continuum), and "Rosie" knocking you over with a horn section and guitar licks that sound straight out of a Heavier Things session. 

The Search for Everything also offers some of his best songwriting in recent times, with "In the Blood" and its examination of family and identity being an obvious standout. Of course, love and love lost is also a theme, as it tends to be on a Mayer project, but his execution on tracks like "Emoji of a Wave" and "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" are less about heartbreak and more about resilience and understanding. For someone who could be described as young at heart, John Mayer is navigating adulthood well. —Edwin Ortiz