Co-Defendant in Young Thug’s YSL RICO Case Stabbed in Georgia Jail, Trial Put on Hold (UPDATE)

The circumstances surrounding the stabbing of defendant Shannon Stillwell remained unclear at the time of this writing.

Video via 11Alive

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Video via 11Alive

UPDATED 12/12, 11:00 a.m. ET: The stabbing was again referenced in court on Tuesday morning, with Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville saying the "medical issue" remained in progress.

For now, the trial is on hold until Jan. 2.

Young Thug’s RICO trial is on hold until Jan. 2. This after his co-defendant Shannon Stillwell was stabbed in jail.

Judge Glanville told the jury yesterday there was a medical issue. Today he told them, “Unfortunately that medical issue still exists.”

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) December 12, 2023
Twitter: @meghanncuniff

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A defendant in the larger YSL RICO case was stabbed in a Georgia jail overnight, thus forcing Monday morning's previously scheduled court session to be called off.

As reported by regional outlet WSB-TV, defendant Shannon Stillwell (a.k.a. Shannon Jackson) was stabbed by a fellow inmate at the Fulton County Jail. Additional information was not immediately made public.

When reached for comment by Complex on Monday, a rep for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Stillwell had been stabbed. An official statement is forthcoming, the rep added.

Though it wasn't immediately clear whether Monday's scheduled court proceedings in the case (the bulk of media attention of which has focused on Young Thug) would be impacted by the incident, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville ultimately confirmed that they would.

One of Young Thug’s co-defendants was stabbed in jail. Looks like the RICO trial may not be going today.

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) December 11, 2023
Twitter: @meghanncuniff

"Don’t get too comfortable, alright?" Judge Glanville told jurors Monday morning, as seen in the 11Alive-streamed video up top. "We’ve had a medical issue come up with one of our participants so I’m going to have to recess for today. These things happen."

Per Glanville, proceedings will resume, at least in some form, on Tuesday morning.

“We’ll just see how things go at that point in time,” he said. “We’ll take the week as it comes.”

New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli later spoke with Stillwell’s lawyer, who said his client is “with us” and “alive,” although he made a point to highlight the possible severity of the attack.

“But I fear that it was serious,” Max Schardt, Stillwell’s lawyer, told the outlet.

Young Thug's YSL trial delayed by the stabbing of Shannon Stillwell, known as SB, who is accused of two murders in the blockbuster RICO case

spoke to Stillwell's lawyer Max Schardt: “He is with us — he is alive,” he said. “But I fear that it was serious.”

— Joe Coscarelli (@joecoscarelli) December 11, 2023
Twitter: @joecoscarelli

The YSL RICO trial began in late November, with Thug's attorney, Brian Steel, swiftly bringing a mistrial motion after prosecutors' "intentional misconduct." As Steel argued at the time, prosecutors having not shared “all of their displays and opening statements,” thus running against a prior order from the judge, constituted the type of misconduct that should result in a mistrial. 

“How do we just violate court order?” Steel said. “So, yes. I have a serious motion for a mistrial, because it’s intentional misconduct.”

However, Steel’s motion was denied.

As we've pointed out throughout the extensive coverage of the case, the use of lyrics in criminal arguments is, to put it mildly, a slippery slope. Such practices, which are especially apparent in the YSL RICO case specifically, are not only grossly criminalizing one's artistic process but are also used largely against Black artists and creators. For example, when was the last time you heard about a country artist's lyrics or a punk band's words being used against them in a criminal setting?

To that end, the Protect Black Art petition is worth checking out.

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