Pusha-T on Latest Alleged Diss From Drake: ‘That Ain’t a Warrior Talk’

Pusha-T goes deep on a number of topics pertinent to the 'It's Almost Dry' era, which he says won't be cheapened by feuds. The album recently debuted at No. 1.

Pusha T is pictured on a red carpet

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Pusha T is pictured on a red carpet

With It’s Almost Dry still widely on repeat following its release last month, Pusha-T continues stacking up quotable interviews touching on a variety of topics familiar to longtime fans of the “Diet Coke” artist.

The latest example comes via GQ Hype, which shared a new interview with King Push on Wednesday. In it, the topic of Drake was broached, spurring Pusha to reiterate his stance on a recent leak featuring what was widely assumed to be another diss against him.


“I’m cool now. Have a good time. It sounds so old to me,” Pusha told GQ Hype’s Frazier Tharpe. “The flow sounds old, the shots don’t even—like what is that? That ain’t a warrior talk.” 

The alleged diss in question arrived in the form of a leaked Drake and Jack Harlow collab and sees the Certified Lover Boy artist reflecting on the experience of “gettin’ older.” From there, Drake delivers some lyrics that have been widely interpreted as pertaining to his and Pusha’s history.

Previously, Pusha-T addressed the alleged diss during a Breakfast Club interview during which he also said the flow sounded “old” to him. “It’s like, bro, after what I’ve done. Like ‘the middleman’ talk and all that type of talk. That’s not scathing for me,” he said last month. “I’m here to, like, burn down everything.”

Elsewhere in the new GQ Hype interview, the recent Hot Ones guest noted how the quality of his latest album ensures he will not devalue the experience by getting involved with such talk. “I could never cheapen my album with [that],” he said. And speaking more generally on his mindset about engaging with similar remarks, Pusha said Wednesday he’s taking the “never engaging” approach.


“Everybody’s on my time. Everybody,” he said.And right now, I have the best rap album. I sound the freshest, I sound the newest, I sound the best of everybody.”

But make no mistake, the latest interview with Pusha-T is in no way, shape, or form a Drake-focused piece. Also getting attention here are the Dry sessions with Ye and Pharrell, as well as some insightful commentary about the former from King Push in connection with his process.

“I’ve always expressed that I hate that he lets people in on his process—Life of Pablo was the worst example of that to me, and I loved the project,” Pusha, whose own Dry is said in the new piece to have “kickstarted” Ye’s Donda and Donda 2 sessions, revealed. “Like, ‘fixing “Wolves.’ I’m like, Why do you think that’s cool? And I always tell him, at what point do you think your fans just want a flawless finished project that they can champion? It must be hard for them to champion just you.”

Read the full Pusha-T x GQ Hype piece here. It’s Almost Dry is out now and recently became Push’s first No. 1 album. In the Wednesday-published chat with Tharpe, it’s noted that work is already underway on the next project. Stay tuned.

As the consistently compelling Dry era continues, fans have been routinely given expansions of the sonic experience, including via some Ye-assisted merch including a special box set designed to resemble a brick of coke. Meanwhile, “Call My Bluff” was recently given the official video treatment from directors Omar Jones and Onda. Revisit that below.

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