With fans still hungry for more from Pusha-T’s upcoming new album, the “Diet Coke” artist recently sat down with Sean Evans for the latest episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones

Opening the heat-assisted discussion is a mention of the aforementioned track, which featured production from 88-Keys and the artist formerly known as Kanye West. The song, recently brought to life in a blizzard-inspired Late Show performance, signaled the formal kickoff of a new era for King Push. Asked about the lead-up to his new album (the first since 2018’s widely acclaimed DAYTONA) and how he manages to take time away from the public eye between releases, Pusha noted how his process behind crafting masterpieces could be hindered by a more constantly-everywhere-all-the-time approach.

“My brand is all about creating masterpieces and I don’t know if masterpieces get churned out every six months, or every nine months. Or every year, actually,” he told Evans.

Elsewhere, Pusha was insightful when it came to highlighting how Ye’s “instincts” give him a special gift during crucial studio moments and how choosing the right recording location can prove impactful on the work. He also spoke generally on how the art of the feud has changed during his career, leading up to his assessment that beefs are “really corporate” these days.

A Clipse classic—2006’s Hell Hath No Fury, which turned 15 last November—also gets a mention, with Evans asking Pusha to summarize its perfection.

“There was absolutely, positively not one compromise on that album,” he said. “Not one compromise lyrically, not one compromise beat-wise. I don’t think we ever thought about making a hit. I don’t think we ever thought about doing anything other than making just the hardest, hardest record.”

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