J. Cole Publicly Expressing Regret for Kendrick Lamar Diss Has Fans in Shambles

The would-be back-and-forth came to a seemingly premature end at this weekend's Dreamville Festival.

Two male musicians perform on stage, one in a red "DREAMER" jersey and the other in a light blue outfit with a cap
Images via Getty/Astrida Valigorsky / WireImage & Getty/Christopher Polk/Billboard
Two male musicians perform on stage, one in a red "DREAMER" jersey and the other in a light blue outfit with a cap

Is “7 Minute Drill” about to disappear from streaming services?

That’s one of many questions spurred by J. Cole’s proverbial waving of the white flag on Sunday amid Dreamville Festival proceedings. As fans are certainly very well aware of by now, any assumption that Cole might be angling for further dissing of Kendrick Lamar a la Jay-Z at Summer Jam was swiftly deflated with an admission of having felt “lame” and “terrible” in recent days.

Speaking to the audience on Sunday about “7 Minute Drill,” itself a response to Kendrick’s verse on Metro Boomin and Future’s No. 1 hit “Like That,” Cole said the track in question made him feel like “that’s the lamest shit I ever did in my fucking life.” He also expressed “love” for Kendrick while pointing out what he believes is the public’s desire to “see blood.”

Naturally, everyone has been totally cool about all of this and has not flooded Twitter (a platform I refuse to call X) with commentary. Just kidding. Below, get a look at how the world is taking Cole's decision to walk away from the beef before it even fully kicked into gear.

Nah the way the lyrics in this song aged is CRAZY. pic.twitter.com/P5uUTOZ3P7

— Jah Talks Music (@JahTalksMusic) April 8, 2024

Cotton ball

— Terrace Martin (@terracemartin) April 8, 2024

J Cole will never recover from this, especially if Drake responds to Kendrick. I can't believe that Cole bowed out, man. SMH. pic.twitter.com/Ke5ykPo1TU

— MK (@mksthegreat) April 8, 2024

J Cole realized he was conflicted misusing his influence, abusing his power full of resentment, a resentment that turned into a deep depression

— Elsie not Elise 💿 (@ElsienotElisee) April 8, 2024

J Cole: carefully explaining that he had an existential crisis after dissing a long time friend and that he’s now attempting to realign his movements with his soul’s purpose

Twitter: pic.twitter.com/GiMS6zQDEz

— Haze 𓅊 (@GodSon83) April 8, 2024

J. Cole's fans after they listen to "the Fall Off" and hear him rap about being a killer MC: pic.twitter.com/ElJD7KXcl8

— pro Slacker 🇿🇲 (@TheXorak) April 8, 2024

J. Cole said TPAB was boring and felt sick to his stomach for 48 hours I’m fucking crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

— 𝕿𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖞 (@verypalehipster) April 8, 2024

J Cole fans right now : pic.twitter.com/1C0JLXhbof

— AllyoucanMeme (@AllYouCanMeme) April 8, 2024

This is how J Cole bicycle was talking to him for the past two days https://t.co/N0KyokPJMB pic.twitter.com/BJjSAoVRY1

— kira 👾 (@kirawontmiss) April 8, 2024

J. Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar for dissing him made me realize how I should have been the bigger person and never said you have low IQ boo.

How is your mama, tell her I miss her tea recipe🥹

Stay safe, you don’t have to respond. pic.twitter.com/TmgFf2d4wY

— Engr.Audrey_Varaidzo (@Audrey_Varaidzo) April 8, 2024

To all the people saying “j. Cole is being mature” shut the fuck up
this is rap pic.twitter.com/8MS3nvyzBQ

— THE 5🪽🤲🏾 (@Yetheguess) April 8, 2024

J.Cole to Kendrick pic.twitter.com/OjLPX8XS0X

— Cawb (@CAWBBBB) April 8, 2024

J.cole fans:be like he's 39 he's too grown for rap beef

rap fans: pic.twitter.com/cJkXH8ho1b

— left on seen (@Imakemyownshit) April 8, 2024

J Cole fans after seeing him waving a white flag 🏳️ pic.twitter.com/xWQPWOO4oR

— Laugh Entertainment (@Laughent21) April 8, 2024

what J Cole heard while trying to sleep these past 2 nights: pic.twitter.com/pldbn1AXKD

— 🎈🌹Damatré and Jermel’s Angel 💕 (@N3YYZ0N6) April 8, 2024

As for Cole's fellow Kendrick dissee Drake, he's been in a characteristically cryptic state of mind as of late. But will the "Summer Games" sequel denier amend his approach moving forward? Stay tuned.

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