Doggface208's Viral "Dreams" Clip Inspires Stevie Nicks to Join TikTok With Her Own Version

Previously, Doggface208's "Dreams" TikTok formula was employed by Mick Fleetwood. The song itself, meanwhile, is making Billboard Hot 100 gains.


Image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


The revitalized success of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac megaclassic "Dreams" has inspired Stevie Nicks to join TikTok.

For her take on Doggface208's oft-emulated formula of skating and sipping Ocean Spray with the Fleetwood hit serving as the perfectly complementary soundtrack, the iconic rock singer is seen lacing up a pair of roller skates.

Strategically placed nearby, of course, is a large bottle of Ocean Spray: 

She also blessed her existing audiences on Twitter (304,000+ followers) and Instagram (670K) with the tribute.

Doggface208, a.k.a. Nathan Apodaca, thanked Nicks and posted the clip on his IG Stories, captioning it, "So amazing!!!!" On Twitter he added, "So blessed stay steady vibin."

Fleetwood Mac previously celebrated Doggface's work on Twitter, endorsing the viral clip with a "we love this!" Drummer Mick Fleetwood went further and re-enacted the video himself.

Then Shakira paid (juiceless) homage on Wednesday, earning a "so blessed thank you like so so soda much" from Apodaca.

While a new Guardian interview doesn't see Nicks reflecting on how "Dreams" has been revived for the current moment thanks to Doggface208's sustained popularity, the singer's recent chat with Jenny Stevens for the publication still marks a fascinating dive into Nicks' life as of late, which has largely centered around the decades-strong rock 'n' roll leader commendably taking the COVID-19 pandemic quite seriously. 

Nicks also discussed (with her signature brand of inspiring candor) the firing of Lindsey Buckingham, her former Klonopin addiction, and the value in choosing a life built entirely around the pursuit of art.

As for the song's new generation of success, its TikTok boost has been palpable enough to land the track at No. 21 on the most recent update to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The popularity has also resulted in a newfound celebrity status for Doggface208, who’s recently become a frequent headlines subject thanks to the launch of his official Halloween costume and his impressive merch sales.

Below, peep Apodaca's latest creation:

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