TikTok Star Doggface208 Is Releasing an Official "Dreams" Halloween Costume

Halloween, the only day of any given year that really matters, will now see the added benefit of an officially licensed Doggface208 costume.

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Once again, the news machine has come through with a delightful Doggface208 story to help make an otherwise dread-ridden day a far more tolerable experience as we inch closer to putting a bow on 2020.

The TikTok star in question, Nathan Apodaca, is now (quite understandably) funneling the power of his Fleetwood Mac-soundtracked fame into a Halloween project. As is widely known and should be acknowledged by everyone in your social circle, Halloween does indeed stand tall as the most important holiday of the calendar year.


Apodaca is seemingly aware of this indisputable fact, and—per a new TMZ report out on Tuesday—he's marking the holiest of days by dropping a new batch of official merch in the form of a Halloween costume that depicts himself. The package is set at $87.99 and includes a Steady Vibin crewneck, black sweatshorts, tall white socks, a fake mustache, and a temporary feather tattoo. Sales launch Tuesday night via Apodaca's site.

At the time of this writing, it was also being reported that the costume would give buyers the option of taking advantage of a special Ocean Spray coupon through Walmart. Furthermore, there's said to be an add-on option for a skateboard to further the experience.

On Monday, we learned that Doggface208's lawyer had taken (successful) action against a company for using the beloved TikTok star's likeness to sell T-shirts. The shirt in question, which featured Apodaca's face from the "Dreams" clip but was not approved by him or anyone else, has since been removed.

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