Ja Rule Says Fight With 50 Cent 'Already Happened' When Pressed About Beef by Piers Morgan

On 'Piers Morgan Uncensored,' Rule was questioned about his decades-long beef with 50 Cent.

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It's been well over two decades, but 50 Cent and Ja Rule can't stop going at each other's necks.

The latter appeared on a new episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, where the host grilled him about his recent spat against 50 on Instagram. Last month, Rule was denied entry to the U.K. as part of the Sunrise Tour, which Fif joked about in an Instagram post.

Around the 12-minute mark below, Morgan interrogated Rule about his lengthy rift with 50, although the former Murder Inc. artist tried to dodge some of the questions.

"I think I responded. I'm cool. I don't get into the back and forth, you know," Rule replied when asked about Fif's Instagram post.

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But the answer wasn't enough for Morgan, who then questioned Rule about his response. "Yeah, it was quick and to the point," Ja said.

"I mean, you two have been going at it [for] 25 years now," Morgan continued.

But to Rule, the beef is one-sided. "Not me, actually, you know. I'm cool, Piers. I really don't do social media like that at all. I post, of course, to promote some of my things–but I'm really not the social media guy like that. I really don't get into the back and forth with him.

Morgan doubled down, calling out a Vlad TV interview where Rule brought up his frustrations with 50 always being mentioned when he does press. Asking the 48-year-old why he considers himself "stand-up" in comparison to 50, Ja replied, "I mean, you gotta kinda be from where we're from to understand the terminology of that."

He continued, "It's some of the things I spoke about earlier. Those are real man things; taking care of your family, taking care of your kids, putting your kids through college, being a real father to your family and your children. ... Those are stand-up things. In that aspect, I'm very, very stand-up."

When asked again about being "stand-up" as opposed to Fif, Rule told Morgan to interview the "Candy Shop" artist instead. "Next time you interview him, Piers, ask him these questions about me."

Rule vs Piers… #TheMatch 🏌🏾@espn set it up!!! 🤣 https://t.co/M4S8e41xaf

— Ja Rule (@jarule) March 5, 2024
Twitter: @jarule

But Morgan still wanted the "beef bone," which Rule was not entertaining, saying that he was simply looking to talk about his tour, which he wants to bring to UK fans.

That didn't stop Morgan from asking about what his message would be to Fif. "I don't have one," Rule said. "Good luck to him and everything he's doing. He's another Black man. I wish all of us luck. I'm looking for everybody to win. I don't have competition, Piers. I compete with me. Like I said, there's no message to be sent."

However, Morgan concluded the segment by asking who Rule thought would win if he and Fif got into a physical fight. "That's already happened too, Piers," Ja laughed. "You gotta do your research."

Rule shut the questions down altogether, continuing to call it "one-sided" and doubling down on calling 50 Cent a "pussy" before they moved on.

The two rappers reportedly got into it in an Atlanta nightclub in 2000, where their entourages jumped into the melee, allegedly resulting in both of their chains being stolen, per The Independent.

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