50 Cent on Fans Joking He Stopped Ja Rule From Getting Into UK: 'Nothing to Do With This B*tch Not Getting In'

Ja also responded to 50 and the ensuing jokes, playfully noting that fans "love the goofy sh*t."

Two men, one holding an award, another posing at a G-Shock event. Both are dressed in casual attire
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Two men, one holding an award, another posing at a G-Shock event. Both are dressed in casual attire

On Tuesday, we broke down a proven 50 Cent-focused formula for spurring traffic-boosting headlines. This morning, we’re reminding you of that proven formula yet again, this time in connection with Ja Rule.

Overnight, Ja let fans know that the U.K. "won't let me in" for a planned series of tour dates. Per Ja, the shows were "85 percent sold," making this whole situation "not fair to me or my fans."

Tweet by Ja Rule expressing devastation that the UK won't let him enter for his tour, with a high ticket sales mention

Later, the ICONN Live founder linked his entry denial to his criminal record but ultimately blamed the promoter for allegedly misleading him and his team.

"My team made it CLEAR to the promoter that I have a criminal record and can’t get in the country…The PROMOTER swore this wouldn’t be an issue," he told fans in an update to Twitter, a platform I refuse to refer to as X. "The PROMOTER started selling tickets y’all love to blame the artist lol… GET YOUR REFUNDS!!!"

Ja Rule tweets about UK's entry criteria relating to criminal records and conviction duration for denial of entry
Tweet from Ja Rule stating issues with a promoter, advises to get refunds for an event
Ja Rule's tweet hinting at a special announcement for UK fans, expressing inability to travel there
Post by Ja Rule promoting an upcoming live event on Iconn Live, teasing a special location. He encourages UK fans to stay tuned

Amid the ensuing commotion, some were quick to joke that 50 was somehow responsible for Ja's denied entry, like so:

live shots of the home office processing the application. https://t.co/0qIWJD2aT3 pic.twitter.com/1lskh59wv2

— saf (@safx41) February 27, 2024

50 cent definitely phoned the embassy didn't he https://t.co/EoTfT1GYpu

— Lauren 🌜 (@laurenbrook5y) February 27, 2024

50 did it

— east313_coach (@dtowncoachwill) February 27, 2024

As expected, 50 was just as quick to respond to such jokes. In a since-removed Instagram update, he "did not have nothing to do with this b!tch not getting in.”

From there, Ja called his longtime foe a "pussy" and urged him to "shut up." He seemed in good spirits about the jokes, however, as he later ribbed fans for having a fondness for "the goofy shit."

The image is a tweet from Ja Rule directed at 50 Cent containing explicit language and has received various reactions from users
Tweet by Ja Rule with emojis, commenting on fans loving humorous content; shows interaction counts
a twitter screenshot

For many readers, the 50 and Ja feud has been going strong for what feels like a literal lifetime. In fact, the beef has become a shorthand, of sorts, for others who have found themselves at odds with the Power producer.

During a recent chat with Steve-O for the Wild Ride podcast, former G-Unit member Young Buck used Ja's name as a verb when reflecting on his own issues with 50.

“Seeing how aggressive he is toward me makes me feel like, damn, is you trying to Ja Rule me too?” Buck said in January.

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