Cardi B Reveals She's Having a Girl, Says She and Nicki Minaj Cleared Up Their 'Misunderstanding'

"It was just something that had to be talked about," Cardi told Howard Stern of the Minaj situation.

On Wednesday, Cardi B sat down with Howard Stern to not only ruminate on her incredible come up, fangirl out over Beyoncé and Rihanna, and reveal the gender of her baby, but also share that the misunderstanding between her and Nicki Minaj was officially put to bed at this year's Met Gala.

Ok Cardi B finally admitted that her & Nicki Minaj did feel some type of way about each other, but it was just a misunderstanding on both ends and they talked it out at the Met Gala

— Trillest (@TalkCashShit) May 9, 2018

When Stern asked Cardi about the friction between her and Nicki, she clarified that any issues have been resolved. "There was a misunderstanding. I think she felt some type of way about something. I definitely felt some type of way about something," she explained. "I spoke to her in the Met Gala about it. And it's just like, see, it was just something that had to be talked about. Because, like, it was an issue."

While Nicki has expressed her own disappointment in how their "MotorSport" collaboration with Migos panned out, as well as her assertion that Cardi hasn't "shown genuine love" to her so far, Cardi shied away from disclosing what the rift was about. "The issue was something that the press didn't know. Because I don't like talking." When Stern pressed, she said: "I'm not going to talk about it. But I really felt a certain type of way, my feelings was really hurt, and I was just on some, you know what, that's why I just keep to myself, that's why I cannot fuck with nobody and everything."

Cardi B also revealed to Howard Stern that she'll be giving birth to a baby girl this summer. Though she says she and Offset have a name picked out already, she didn't want to share it just yet. "You know what, I didn't pick the name so if you interview my dude, he'll tell you," she said.

The rapper also shared that she's in no rush to marry Offset just yet, mostly because their busy schedules would make it hard to plan and execute a wedding. "People that don't have this job wouldn't's hard to plan a wedding right now," she explained. "When I get married...I need two weeks off, and he needs two weeks off."

While they're both set to go back on the road shortly after their daughter is born, Cardi has her sights set on a 2019 wedding. "Around next spring we're planning our wedding, but it has to be planned out to the point where it's no worries," she said. "No 'Oh, I have to go do a show,' [or] he has to go do a show."


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