Nicki Minaj on "Chun-Li" Single Going Gold: 'Thank You to Everyone for Your Support'

She's celebrating by giving a shout out to everyone who made the song possible.

Nicki Minaj is feeling very grateful. The rap star celebrated the success of her recent single "Chun Li" by thanking (literally) everyone for their support after the song achieved gold status.

In her post on Instagram, Minaj gave us a little look into the process of how the song came about, before running down a long list of thank-you's to the people who contributed and her supportive team members. 

She writes, "got on the mic & made this song up in 5 mins just having fun @ 4 in the morning. Then took about an hour to put words to the melody. Released it 2 days later. We captured it all on video." 

Despite how quickly the catchy single came together, it's proved to be a massive commercial success—Nicki is now on par with Beyoncé in a tie for the most top 10 hits by women in the mainstream R&B/Hip-hop charts. As such, she's taking a minute to shout out the people who have made it all possible. In her post, she tags producer J. Reid, Jimmy Iovine, audio engineer Aubry "Big Juice" Delaine, and "Chun Li" director Steven Klein. She also shouts out Tidal, Spotify, and radio DJ's as people and organizations that helped the single reach its gold status.

Minaj also teased a special treat, saying that she's, "thinking about putting that part of the documentary out early so you guys can get a real glimpse into my world." 

Nicki Minaj's upcoming project Queen will be out in August, and rest assured, she "can’t wait to share this album with all of you who’ve waited so patiently & been so supportive."

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