Scarborough's Portion Releases Somber Track "99 Prblms"

Scarborough native Portion just released his new moody single “99 Prblms," which is his first release since becoming signed to Warner Music Canada.

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Scarborough native Portion just released his new moody single “99 Prblms.” The song is his first release with Warner Music Canada, and it is also one of the first tracks that was recorded during the development of his forthcoming album.

As Portion began experimenting to find his sound, toying with trap and East-coast hip-hop, the song took shape. It vividly describes life in the streets and the accompanying challenges that result on his journey to success. “A lot of people glorify it, but I try to give both sides. It comes with a lot of darkness. You kind of use your good to do bad because that’s all you know,” he tells Complex. “That’s how you find millionaire rappers still in trouble with the police.”

He also sings about uncertainty within relationships. He says that things become complicated when trying to gauge if romantic partners genuinely like him, or if he’s getting their attention because they think he’ll be famous. “That’s why I say ‘b****** say I’m acting famous making sure the bros live large, she ain’t never been to Hollywood and walk on stars.’ You got to watch every step you make out here on the road to where I’m headed,” he explains of the downcast lyrics.


In 2017, Portion made waves with his solemn release “Fif’s World,” which was an impassioned tribute to his late friend and OVO associate Anthony “Fif” Soares. Since then, he’s released several other tracks including “Big Step,” “Slime Me Out,” and “Ambitions of a Patek.”

While Portion’s full-length album won’t be out until the fall, in the meantime listeners can expect the rapper to continue evolving and transforming his sound. “I want to take it to the next level, for real. I don’t ever want to be stuck as just a rapper,” he says.

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