Keyshia Cole Confirms She’s Dating Hunxho, Blocks Out People Hating on Relationship: 'Please Don't Beat Me Up'

Cole's dating track record shows she prefers younger men.

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Keyshia Cole doesn't care what anyone thinks about her relationship with Hunxho.

Speculation about the two being in a relationship came earlier this month, shortly after the two were photographed walking hand-in-hand in Atlanta. The image was concerning to some, given that the "Love" singer is 42, eighteen years older than Hunxcho, who's 24.

Unashamed about their relationship, Cole went to X to confirm the rumors, tagging Hunxho's page with a message that read "mine," which the Atlanta rapper reposted with a heart emoji. Despite the clear age difference, Hunxho wouldn't be Cole's first time dating a younger man, as she has a child with singer Niko Khale, 28, who's fourteen years younger than her. In 2019, Cole and Khale had a radio interview with Nick Cannon, who mistakenly called the R&B singer her then-boyfriend's "elder," to which she tried to correct him at the 12:30 mark below.

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After posting about her new man, Cole responded to some who were disappointed by the news, even writing "Y'all please don't kill me" to one person who responded with a meme of 42 Dugg.

Cole even went so far as to block some of her followers who questioned the relationship, including one who didn't consider Hunxho's response to Cole to be affectionate.

Prior to Hunxho and Khale, Cole was married to former NBA player Daniel 'Booby' Gibson, 38, from 2011 to 2020, whom she shares her eldest son with. The two have a four-year age difference, with Cole being older.

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