50 Cent Makes Fun of Stevie J Flexing to King Combs Track While Shirtless

The G-Unit founder was in disbelief after seeing Stevie J's awkward video.

Prince Williams / FilmMagic

50 Cent had no choice but to clown Stevie J for dancing along to Christian 'King' Combs' new diss track.

After Stevie J, legal name Steven Jordan, posted a video of himself rapping and flexing along to King Combs' latest track, "Pick A Side," which has some pointed bars aimed at Fifty, the G-Unit leader laughed it off.

"Hahahaha why you make a video like this man, LOL I can not wait to be in the same place with you guys. I know you don’t know about me," Fif captioned his reposting of the video.

Stevie J has avidly supported Diddy and his children throughout his current legal ordeals, and even spoke to TMZ about Fif pestering Diddy on social media, even calling him an "Uncle Tom."

"He wants to bring the Black community down worse than anyone else," Stevie J said. "Now, since he didn't accept my offer to him and he wanna continue being a comedian, why don't you go make some movies with Michael Blackson and don't talk about me."

He continued, "I find it funny when they first try to crucify somebody, they'll go through the media first, and they're just flooded with lies and propaganda. I'm not concerned about this n***a Curtis. He's Uncle Tom, and that's just what it is."

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