Drake Responds After YK Osiris Says He Wants to Box

Drake poked fun at YK Osiris after the latter artist told him that he wants to square off in a boxing match—before revealing he was kidding.

Drake accepting a Grammy Award for "Best Rap Song."

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur

Drake accepting a Grammy Award for "Best Rap Song."

In what was perhaps an excellent example of confidence going to his head, YK Osiris hopped into Drake's DMs to let him know he was trying to square off in a boxing ring (or, backyard, whichever). This came after Osiris had already faced Lil Tjay, Blueface, and more in similar bouts.

No offense intended for that group at all, but this would represent a significant step up in the profile of his opponent...which is to say nothing of all those videos you can pull up on Google where Drake's sparring or wailing on a heavy bag. 

Anyway, here's how that challenge went down: YK told him "I'm trynna box u now," but quickly pointed out the offer wasn't real. 

"I'm jp u gonna beat df out of me," he added. 

In response, Drake told him "Least u know your limits," which was punctuated with several laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emojis. 

As pointed out by HotNewHipHop, Drake has previously shouted out Osiris, which is why his DMs get responded to amongst the millions that are undoubtedly just sitting there unread. 

In previous news of the rappers boxing each other variety, after YK Osiris and Lil Tjay faced off, 6ix9ine trash talked Tjay, which prompted an exchange that was decidedly less friendly than the one you just read about:

Also YK was supposed to fight Trippie Redd, just a day after Lil Tjay (all the way back on May 29) but that got called off just a few hours before because, as Trippie put it: “It was gon’ be a fight, right? Now it’s not gon’ be a fight. I tried to tell y’all I don’t want to associate myself with bullshit, and y’all try to associate me with bullshit. I don’t get why ’cause I’m a real n***a and I don’t won’t to be part of nothing that has to do with anything that I don’t like. You know what I’m saying? So there was gonna be a fight, now there’s no fight. Sorry, ruined it. Crazy.”

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