What rap lyric do you have to yell every time you hear it?

Whether you’re in a crowded club full of people or driving alone in your car late at night, there are inevitable moments in life where you’ll hear a rap bar that begs to be screamed. Sometimes, these are lyrics that were actually shouted by the artist when they were recorded (think DMX), but that’s not a requirement. A screamable rap bar can also be a quieter lyric that provokes people to yell along any time it’s played in a public setting (think Drake rapping “out like a light” on “Sicko Mode”).

There have been many iconic screamable rap bars since the birth of hip-hop, and today we’re counting down the top 50. This list wouldn’t have been possible, though, without an Instagram DM from someone who knows a thing or two about writing lyrics like these: Drake. Earlier this year, he DM’d the Complex Instagram account and said, “We were having a debate today. Would be fire for you guys to spark up. Most Screamable Rap Bars. Like, the stand-out bars that make you wanna scream at the top of your lungs. I’m sure you guys can do it justice.” Then, in all-caps, he gave a few examples, including, “I THINK I’M BIG MEECH.”

Of course, it’s not part of our editorial process to take article suggestions from rappers, but Drake’s DM sparked an interesting debate among the Complex Music staff, so we couldn’t resist putting our own list together. Without further ado, here are the 50 most screamable rap bars, ranked.