Snoop Dogg Shares Comical Recollection of Smoking Weed With Pete Davidson

Cannabis aficionado Snoop Dogg went on E!’s 'Nightly Pop' and shared a funny story about a time he smoked with his "good friend Pete Davidson."

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Pete Davidson isn’t much of a smoker—at least in comparison to Snoop Dogg.

The rapper appeared on E!’s Nightly Pop show on Tuesday to reveal which of his celebrity friends couldn’t handle copious amounts of marijuana. “The last person I just blew with, I knocked his wig off,” Snoop said. “I’m supposed to see him again this week, my good friend Pete Davidson.”

One of the hosts was incredulous that Davidson “can’t hang.” Snoop explained, “He fights and he fights and he fights, then he says, ‘Hey, man, I’m cool,’” Snoop said.

He’s smoked with countless celebrities, including fellow famed stoner Willie Nelson, who Snoop admits outsmoked him once in 2007, saying he was “too high.” That year, both musicians had concerts in Amsterdam at the same time. “I had to stop because he was blowing me out of the water as far as performance-wise and [smoking] performance-wise,” Snoop said.

Elsewhere, the Doggfather also discussed his new movie Blood Pageant, which also stars Danielle C. Ryan and Stephen Baldwin. The film centers on a million-dollar reality show involving seven women, which eventually devolves as one of the contestants uses dark magic to try to win the competition.

As for Snoop’s music career, he recently reunited with his rap trio Tha Eastsidaz, comprised of himself, Tray Dee, and Goldie Loc, for the song “Hood Creeps Out at Night” and an accompanying video.

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